16 June 2010


pe khabar semua?
erm.... harap senyum sokmo la ye...

jom tengok cara nak wat tab menu cam kat atas ni...
mula-mula... log in dulu dalam akaun blogger korang... huhuhu

okay.... kat dashboard korang ade menu design kan? so klik kat situ...

make sure korang gunakan templates yang ade add gadget kat bahagian atas.....

pastu korang add gadget... pilih pages... so pages akan ditambah pada layout korang.... kalau ade kat sidebar korang leh drag ke atas... kalau da memang kat atas... biar je la....

pastu gi kat posting.... pilih edit pages... korang leh la tambah pape tajuk pages yang korang suka... hanya pilih pada new page... leh la taruk pape name... post page yang korang dah add... korang keh tengok kat bahagian atas blog korang tab menu korang bertambah....

bila-bila masa korang nak edit page tu pun boleh.... juz klik pada edit pages....

p/s: aku dalam mood mengantuk.... layan bola punya pasal la ni... 


today i juz want to share about homonym...
what is homonym?

a homonym is a word that is the same in form or sound as another but different in meaning... for example pale and pail.... can you see the different?

see how they are used....

accept : take; receive
he willl not accept such a gift from you

except : but not; leave out; take out
we go out every day except sunday

arms : limbs
we have two arms

arms : weapons; guns, knives, swords
guns are arms

alms: gifts to the poor
eman gave alms to the beggar

bear : animal with long shaggy hair and short limbs
the bear often lives in a cave

bare : naked; uncover
ah seng walked with his feet bare

cell : a prison room
the prisoner is alone in his tiny cell

sell : to exchange something for money
salim wants to sell his bicycle

die : come to an end
many people die of hunger

dye : to gave a new colour
i want to dye my white dress red

heard : past tense of teh verb "to hear"
i have never heard of him

herd : a group of animal
a herd of elephants are bathing in the river

another examples are...
hair and hare
heal and heel
hear and here
fore and for or four
know and no
lessen and lesson
loan and lone
feet and feat

there are so many words.... i think it just a bit in my mind... miahahaha... =)

p/s: never mind it's juz a picture... you're welcome my visitor... =)


award kali ni daripada cik fajar

terima kasih ye..
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